Slovak Election 2016 – Volby 2016

So the final results are almost in and the irony in the results of the election I try to explain below.

Slovak voting results
Source: with my comments

Again, the party with the most votes in the latest elections has been the current ruling party, SMER-SD.  Who votes for them? The most widely accepted view seems to be that SMER’s core voters are made up of pensioners as middle aged citizens from the “old-guard”.

Ironically enough if one looks at the performance of SMER in the areas where this demographic has the biggest needs in the future, SMER has been associated with case after case of corruption in the health sector, of which Slovakia has recently been placed at the bottom of the league table for health service quality in the European nations.  All this while, comparatively, the social and health contributions by working people  is some of the highest in the EU.
Other shameful statistics which can be attributed to failure of the ruling party:
One of the most miserable economies from a citizens perspective in the EU.
The country with the most medically preventable deaths in the EU.
Extremely low ranking for education and corruption perception index in the OECD.
But Slovaks are satisfied and want more of this right?


Why would you vote for someone who so blatantly is not only unable to look after your interests, but are in fact regularly found to be actively responsible for defrauding the state finances?

It seems that either the voters are oblivious of all the fraud cases against the party officials OR the representatives of the party is EXTREMELY good at talking away the issues with the voters, in large by running a negative campaign against their opposition.

This year there was around a 60% turnout. I would be really interested to see who did not turn out to vote? Was it a large percentage of the young people who have immigrated from Slovakia? I hope to see something about this in the next few days.

Another thorn in the side has been the emergence of the fascist LSNS – Kotleba party who’s popularity, according to exit polls, seem to be coming mainly from first-time voters.


This is where the electorate in Slovakia can really do better in the future: Strategic voting.

The phrase: “Cut off your nose to spite your face” comes to mind here.
People have been saying how the votes for the Kotleba party had been a “protest vote”. But at what cost?
Would it not have been better to vote for a party that would better enable an opposition coalition, irrespective of the fact that it isn’t your first choice?

It will be really interesting to see what will happen in the next few days with agreements between parties… so far almost everyone…except for Robert Fico… has ruled out collaborating with Kotleba….

What are your thoughts?