About me…

Dear reader,

Welcome to this little corner of the Internet where I intend to share some of the many thoughts that constantly occupy me during the day… and sometimes … at night 🙂

Since this is our first conversation, I guess a small introduction with some background is in order.

Where to start? I’m an African. Buts possibly not of the flavour which most people expect. I’m a Caucasian South African who last lived permanently in South Africa many years ago. Not since 2006 to be exact.  Since that time I’ve called a couple of places in Europe home, among which, two spells in  London, UK for 5 years altogether and most recently, Slovakia in Eastern Europe.

Moving away from the country of my birth hasn’t been easy.  In some cases it has been rewarding and in other downright frustrating.

With this blog I want to attempt to share my experiences with you, the reader, just in case anyone is interested. If not it might still be an interesting way to preserve my memoirs 🙂

I intend to convey to you my perception of what it is like to live in Slovakia as an outsider by comparing it in some cases with the two other reference frames that I’ve been in my short but interesting life: South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Some of you, especially non-Slovaks might have wondered about the name of this blog.  Well.. African Gazda: African because I am African, despite what some of my compatriots would like to believe… and Gazda as it is the Slovak word for a self-sufficient host/farmer.

I secretly think a little of myself as a Gazda 🙂

Anyway I reckon that’s enough for an introduction.  I hope you will join me again for the next installment where I will start sharing my stories and views with you.

African Gazda

  • Christy

    I am a woman of color and my husband is Slovakian. We live in the states, but I’ve been considering living in Slovakia after my first visit there… it was so beautiful… ďakujem for your post. I am more inspired now.

    I was hoping you could share what it’s like there for you? Have you found a job?

    Do you recommend moving there?


    • africangazda

      Hi Christy,
      Thank you for your comment. Sorry for my late response but I need to get into this 🙂
      You are right, Slovakia IS a beautiful country. For foreigners though, it can be a challenge to adapt to the way of living, different values and habits that the locals have.
      I’ve actually been living and working here for almost 5 years and I intend on sharing some of my experiences on this blog.

      Would I recommend moving here? To be honest, it’s not for the faint of heart. I would recommend a probational period with a plan B in case you decide that you don’t like it. If you arrive it and expect it to be like what you used to but with a more beautiful background, you might be disappointed.
      I suppose it depends on the reason why you would want to move here as well and what your expectations are.